Mini-Feature – Yazmin Lacey

2nd February 2021:

Last week I fell in love and I think Yazmin and I are going to live happily ever after. This was all thanks to fellow music blogger (and member of our LTM group), Frank Darnell, who writes A Franke View posted two tracks from her debut EP that she released in 2017. My immediate comment was I can’t wait to hear more from this lady, and lo and behold, a few days later I stumbled across some more from this remarkable singer/songwriter.

The Remarkable Yazmin Lacey

Music isn’t the only feather in Yazmin Lacey’s cap. While attending the youth theatre program at the Theatre Royal Stratford, she proved herself a natural and appeared in small roles on stage and TV. The stereotype of the young Black woman with an attitude was annoying and didn’t represent who she was. Instead, and fortunately, she found self-expression in music.

I’m going to start the proceedings with one of the track’s that Frank shared in his recent post, Black Moon. The fact that this was recorded in a makeshift living room studio doesn’t hide the caramel quality of Yazmin’s distinctive jazz/soul voice and the expertise of her backing musicians. It’s no wonder that the EP made the likes of Gilles Peterson, gal-dem, Jamie Cullum and Jamz Supernova sit up and take notice.

If you’re a fan of Erykha Badu, you will love Yazmin Lacey.

Yazmin Lacey followed her Black Moon debut early in 2018 with her first release for First World Records; the single 90 Degrees. The track was the first of five new tracks that would be included in the 90 Degree EP released later that year.

Her popularity was widened with live performances on Jazz FM and BBC Radio 4, as well as airplay around the globe. As her music spread so did the critical acclaim and she hit the road on a series of performance dates across the UK and Europe.

Morning Matters, Yazmin’s third EP further perfected her delectable jazzy neo-soul style and packs a positive message of ‘get out there and do it for yourself’ to counteract the upside-down craziness the planet has recently been through. Her honeyed tones on the opening title track offers the listener a consoling hug as she implores you to keep going with the lines “Bad things will happen in our lives / But we must keep a high vibration”. Sensible advice!

Here’s Morning Matters – be inspired!

There isn’t a lot of background info to be found on Yazmin Lacey but I am sure this will change very quickly, especially from Blue Note Jazz fans after hearing the track she recorded for their Blue Notes Re-imagined series of recordings.

It sounds like a remarkable collection that I’ll endeavour to research for a future article. Already including tracks from Poppy Ajudha covering Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon, Jorja Smith’s reworking of St Germain’s Rose Rouge, and the Ezra Collective’s take on Wayne Shorter’s Footprints, this is a worthwhile listen.

Yazmin was privileged to have been asked to cover the song I’ll Never Stop Loving You, the Dodo Greene song featured on her My Hour of Need album of 1962, which was released as a single a few months ago and is the latest in Ms Lacey’s growing catalogue.

Of the opportunity, Yazmin said “Blue Note recordings are iconic. The artists, the music, the history, they have influenced so many artists that I love and I’m sure will continue for years. I’m so excited to be a part of this compilation that brings together some incredible artists from the jazz scene.”

Thanks for taking the time to find out about this remarkable talent, and thanks again A Frankie View for the heads-up. Here’s I’ll Never Stop Loving You.

Catch you soon.

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