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The Loving the Music website is my personal exploration of all things musical that tickle my fancy. The webpage was created as an extension to the Loving the Music Facebook group and page where I post regular mini-features in a three-part format. Group members and visitors to the site can now read the full mini-feature complete with links and background info all in one place. Happy Listening

my personal musical journey spanning years, genres and styles

A Tribute to Colin Shamley

Colin Shamley – RIP

We received the sad news of the passing of Colin Shamley this week. Although Colin’s wasn’t a well known name to many, he was a leading voice during the apartheid years of South African music and well known, particularly on the folk music scene of the 70s.

In those years, one of the best places in Port Elizabeth to hear original music was the Four Winds Folk Club. There was no such thing a Sunday movies or bars open, so there would always be a good turnout to listen to some of the best of our local entertainment. There was also a fair-shake of mediocre musicians (of which I was one) who would lead up to whatever main act had been decided on. It was here I first heard The Silver Creek Mountain Band, a name that some will remember with fondness.

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A regular threesome of tracks complete with some interesting backstory, trivia or info. Expect anything and everything!


Links to the weekly Loving the Music blogs published on The Design Train website between Jan – mid-Oct 2020.

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