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Loving the Music

an eclectic musical experience

The Loving the Music website is my personal exploration of all things musical that tickle my fancy. The webpage was created as an extension to the Loving the Music Facebook group and page where I post regular mini-features in a three-part format. Group members and visitors to the site can now read the full mini-feature complete with links and background info all in one place. Happy Listening

my personal musical journey spanning years, genres and styles

Shriekback – Big Night Music

Amongst the wealth of new exciting new sounds and styles in music that the 80s heralded was a band that always stood out from the crowd for me – Shriekback. Their quirky dark lyrics and odd arrangements appealed to me. While researching this article I was happy to see that they were (pre-COVID) still pretty active with their 15th studio album, Some Kinds of Light, having been released at the end of 2019.

I’ve chosen to feature a few songs from their 1986 release, Big Night Music, the 5th and possibly most accessible album of their (then) four year career. I featured one of my all-time favourite songs from the album some time back, and as tempting as it is, I won’t be sharing ‘The Reptiles and I’ again today.


A regular threesome of tracks complete with some interesting backstory, trivia or info. Expect anything and everything!


Links to the weekly Loving the Music blogs published on The Design Train website between Jan – mid-Oct 2020.

I do not own the rights to any of the links or images on this page. All audio and visual media content has been sourced from the public domain.

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