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Loving the Music Mini-Features

Shriekback – Big Night Music

Amongst the wealth of new exciting new sounds and styles in music that the 80s heralded was a band that always stood out from the crowd – Shriekback. Their quirky dark lyrics and odd arrangements appealed to me.

Don McLean – More than just a slice of American Pie

American Pie is undoubtedly Don McLean’s most recognized song. The epic 1970’s tale of the demise of an era that charts the ideals of the optimistic 1950s through into the darker 1960s resonated with the Baby Boomer audience and ensured the song reached #1 or #2 in nearly every country around the world. In Britain…

Wairunga – Fat Freddy’s Drop – So Slick

Last month I shared the first single release from Wairunga, the (as then) unreleased album from Fat Freddy’s Drop. The full album was released a few weeks ago and I have had it playing in the background for the last few days. Why in the background?, because I find it the perfect ambient music to…

The B52s and the Evolution of the Rock Lobster

From the moment I heard the B52s song Planet Claire I was hooked. When I saw a photo of the band I was in love. The B52s may not be the world’s greatest musicians but, in my eyes, they do deserve the accolade of one of the world’s greatest party bands. While I kind of…


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Who Am I?

Music-wise I was fortunate to be born in the mid-50s and therefore witness some of the biggest moments in popular music history. Although I’m a ‘boomer’ I have avoided the trap of believing that there is a ‘best period’ in music. Every era has great music, you just have to look for it.

When my Facebook musical shares started to irritate friends I decided to form a page, which evolved into a group, which evolved into a weekly blog of mini-feature recaps, which has now evolved into a dedicated website to keep everything in one place.

Who knows how this site will evolve, however, you’ll find anything from Classics to EDM and everything in between. Happy listening.

Andrew Knapp

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