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A Much Missed Voice – Khadja Nin

I was updating my World Music playlist recently and came across a name I haven’t listened to in any depth for a while, the Burundian beauty, Khadja Nin. I only got to know her music around 2004 after she had, unfortunately, dropped out of the mainstream music world following her 2006 marriage to racing driver Jackie Ickx, but we do have her four acclaimed albums that chart the career of this talented songbird.

Mini-Feature – Balkan Beat Box

Someone messaged me to ask if I had ever featured Balkan Beat Box. I certainly have and I promised to Glen that I would track it down. Happily I keep a spreadsheet of what I posted when (I’m such a Virgo!) and found the piece I did in March. As I have a bit of a work deadline looming I have chosen to re-share some info and tracks of one of my favourite live outfits. Enjoy!