Loving the Music – The Sound of September 1st – 7th

Spring has sprung in Loving the Music land and we celebrated with some local sounds, revelled in fresh new tracks from the Black Pumas, uncovered new talent in New Zealand and revisited the ’90s dancefloors with contentious Brit-Pop before closing the week with Birthday wishes to some huge names. What a great start to a month!

Mini-Feature – Goldfish

Goldfish is the story of two Cape Town guys who embraced the world of EDM and, in return, were embraced straight back. Their incorporation of Jazz and African vibes in their feel-good brand of Dance music has gone on to entertain crowds from Cape Town to Ibiza and with good reason.

Loving the Music – The Sound of September 8th – 14th

Opening the second week of September we checked in with Suzanne Vega and hunted down Sade before hitting the global dance floors with our local heroes of EDM, GoldFish. We also paid tribute to the legendary Gary Moore, looked at Falling Mirror’s strange career and ended up with a trio of musicians from the Shoreline Songs stable of artists. I’d call that a pretty good week!

Mini-Feature – Balkan Beat Box

Someone messaged me to ask if I had ever featured Balkan Beat Box. I certainly have and I promised to Glen that I would track it down. Happily I keep a spreadsheet of what I posted when (I’m such a Virgo!) and found the piece I did in March. As I have a bit of a work deadline looming I have chosen to re-share some info and tracks of one of my favourite live outfits. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to Me! – Celebrating the Musical History of 1955

Last year I published a version of this blog article under the name ‘When I’m 64’. Well, today I turned 65 and seeing that our group and page have grown so much since last September, I have decided to bring 1955 back to life with this reworked and edited version. Consider it my birthday present to you!

Loving the Music – The Sound of September: 15th – 21st

Week three of the month started on a glamorous note with ZZ Ward. We knocked around with the Crash Test Dummies, tasted some Carolina Chocolate Drops and rolled away with Bob Seger. With such a mixed bag, how else could we end than with the Stereo MC’s?

Loving the Music: The Sound of September 22nd – 30th

In the final run to the month-end, we have looked at a few musical legends who started their career as kids; Joe Bonamassa and Steve Winwood. We swayed to the Afro-Caribbean influences of Cymande, celebrated our heritage with Bright Blue, Hugh Masakela and Bok Van Blerk, and slid around the fretboard with Leo Ko ttke. We finished the week with everyone’s favourite surfer, Jack Johnson.

Loving the Music: The Sound of October 1st – 7th

This series of blog articles were initially published on The Design train website for Loving the music and cover a week of mini-feature posts from the Loving the Music Facebook page and group.

Mini-Feature – Ballyhoo / Hedgehoppers Anonymous

Today’s mini-feature tells the story of what I once thought of as a South African band, but on researching found that they had roots stretching back to the early 60s to Britain. I’m talking about Ballyhoo and their success in South Africa is only a part of their fascinating history.

Mini-Feature – Joni Mitchell Birthday Tribute

There are certain singer/songwriters who become a deeply ingrained part of your life. The kind that helps you through teenage self-doubt all the way to the retrospection and hindsight that comes with the ‘Autumn’ years. Joni Mitchell is one of those people and, as it was her 77th birthday yesterday, it is only fitting to pay tribute to one of the true greats with a personal selection of three songs.

Mini-Features – Crowded House

I’ve always been a Crowded House fan since first hearing them and was fortunate enough to see them live at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg on their South African tour. Being such an avid follower I was saddened when they disbanded in 2005 and overjoyed when they regrouped for two more albums (2007 and 2010). A few days ago I got the heads-up of a new single, ‘Whatever You Want’ and that sparked today’s theme, Ladies & Gentlemen, Crowded House.

Loving the Music: One-Hit-Wonders

25th October 2020 I’ve visited this theme before and, although the definition of one-hit-wonder is a debatable topic, It always surprises me at the songs on the various lists that are out there. Today’s batch contains one song that you may not have heard of, but the other two are very well known. When last,Continue reading “Loving the Music: One-Hit-Wonders”