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Mini-Feature – Goldfish

16th October 2020

I’m in the process of replicating the Loving the Music weekly blog archive from the old site to the new one. This is taking some time and a lot of hours of copy / pasting and reformatting. In the process I am unearthing some really great articles and have decided to re-feature an artist from each week while I’m busy with the task. I’m starting with an article about one of our South African globetrotting EDM duos, Goldfish.

Dominic Peters and David Poole – The genius of Goldfish

Goldfish is the story of two Cape Town guys who embraced the world of EDM and, in return, were embraced straight back. Their incorporation of Jazz and African vibes in their feel-good brand of Dance music has gone on to entertain crowds from Cape Town to Ibiza and with good reason.

Dominic Peters and David Poole met while studying Jazz in Cape Town and playing House parties at night. These mild-mannered students started laying down some tracks with one saxophone, a double bass and a couple of synths, and in 2006 the release of the debut album, Caught in the Loop, caught the attention not only of the fans, but also some big names in the EDM world.

Goldfish Band

With the release of the Perceptions of Pascha album in 2008, they set a record for the most SAMA (South African Music Award) nominations, ever. Of the eight categories they were in the running for they won Best Engineer and Best Dance Album, and world-recognition when they were nominated (but didn’t win) for the Best Alternative Album at the MTV Africa Award in 2008.

I am a sucker for good dance music and often slap on a Goldfish playlist, or one of the excellent full mixes that are available on YouTube and Spotify as background music to bop around the house too. It stands to reason that if I am a Goldfish fan, there must be more of you out there to join my aquarium today.

I’m starting today’s threesome with a track from the Perceptions of Pascha album. It was the first track of theirs that I threw myself around a dancefloor to, and it still puts a spring in my day 12 years later – here’s Fort Knox. Even non-EDM fans have to admit that this is a kicker of a song.

Goldfish may not have won their first MTV Africa nomination, but that changed in 2014 when they were named the Best Pop Group in the 2014 awards. This level of recognition has seen our two local Capetonians open for artists like Fat Boy Slim, Stereo MC’s, Faithless and Paul Van Dyk.

They became known to millions of Americans when their song ‘A New Way to Roll’ was used in the KIA Hamster advert, something that only helped boost their success They have built up a cult-like following in the club scene, with fans following them around the world to catch their performances at the major festivals. And what a performance it is, with a live mix of vocals, synths, keyboards combined with their signature instruments, sax and double bass. It has been said that within the opening number, Goldfish can turn a sedate dancefloor into something resembling a crowd at a football match.

Their regular residencies at the legendary Pascha Ibiza has provided a kind of break from their hectic touring schedule and has seen them perform alongside Will.I.Am, Basement Jaxx, Paul Oakenfold and Faithless. Here’s a track from the 2007 album ‘3 Second Memory’ and a song that is a parody on the DJ Culture, complete with a video that continues the adventures of Goldfish Man, and his rivalry with Dog Man. This is ‘One Million Views’.

I have to bite my tongue when some self-professed music lover says that club music is rubbish and for people who can’t play a real instrument. After all, you don’t need talent to play ‘that’ kind of ‘doef-doef’ music. I could write volumes as a reply, but is it worth it? I know that there are enough of us out there who have room in their lives for all genres of music, and appreciate how clever and talented these two local heroes are.

To finish today’s mini-feature I have chosen a track from 2107 album ‘Late Night People’. It’s a butt-shaker of a track and happily comes complete with an animated video following the ongoing rivalry between Goldfish Man and Dog Man as they compete for the Top DJ award.

To quote a review on duo’s Facebook page: “Their burnished grooves are rooted in pure pop pleasure, hooking even the most cautious listener onto the dance floor (without next-day regret). After seven years basing themselves between Cape Town and Ibiza, Dom and Dave have settled in San Diego to concentrate on the burgeoning US market. A consistent string of chart-topping hits — and a live show that has seen countless festival appearances from Coachella to Glastonbury — has helped Goldfish become one of the most enduring and influential groups in live electronic music” Not bad for a pair of mild-mannered music students from Cape Town! Here’s ‘Talk to Me’. 

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I am a music-lover who has been fortunate enough to live through six-decades of ever-changing musical styles and genres. Loving the Music is my eclectic collection of regular music-related mini-features and whatever else tickles my musical fancy. You can also find me on the Loving the Music Facebook group and page. Happy listening - Andrew Knapp

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